Boy Proposes to Girl on a Vamoose Bus

Young man proposes to his girlfriend on the same bus they first met 2 years before.

New York, NY (March 29, 2012) – A young Manhattan couple who met two years ago on a Vamoose intercity bus became engaged this week when the groom-to-be surprised his girlfriend by asking her to meet him at a restaurant near Vamoose’s assigned parking space, then formally proposed marriage to her on board the bus.

Vamoose Bus officials, who were in on the surprise, proudly announced the engagement of A.J. Mazza, 28, and Megan Bolger, 24, today in Manhattan.

Sam Bluzenstein, president of Vamoose Bus, said, “As a former bus driver myself, I’ve seen just about everything, so it didn’t really surprise me when A.J. approached us for permission to use our bus as the setting for his proposal to Megan. We gladly took part in the event. As we say, our customers are like family to us.”

Wedding plans weren’t announced. A.J. and Megan, who have been living together on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for the past two years, went home to celebrate after A.J. popped the question, and put their infant son to bed.

Megan’s and A.J.’s story began on an evening in May 2009, when A.J., a young sports marketing professional, boarded a Vamoose Bus in New York bound for Bethesda, MD. He required an aisle seat because he was wearing a cast from knee surgery the week before. In fact, he missed an earlier bus and got on the 6 pm departure.

He was traveling alone to meet a friend to go to a Yankees/Orioles game and an event at Johns Hopkins. On the same bus, Megan, a fashion company employee, was on her way to visit her mother in Rockville, MD. As a frequent Vamoose Bus customer, she traveled via Vamoose regularly to Bethesda.

As fate would have it, the driver moved Megan from her original seat. With her permission, he moved her to the window seat next to A.J. in order to make two adjoining seats available for another couple who came aboard and wanted to sit next to each other.

As the trip south got underway, A.J. and Megan talked for an hour; then she slept for an hour. They talked the rest of the way; exchanged phone numbers and agreed to have a date in New York the next week. One date led to another. Soon thereafter, they became a couple and moved in together.

In January this year, Megan and A.J. had a baby boy named Joseph. Megan says she expected that A.J. would propose marriage to her at some point right after they started a family, but she wasn’t sure about when, where or how — until last Sunday evening, when by complete surprise, A. J. popped the question aboard a Vamoose Bus.

About Vamoose Bus

Vamoose Bus Company is a privately-held, family-owned New York City based company that provides bus service between New York City, Lorton and Arlington, VA and Bethesda, MD. Vamoose Bus Company consistently provides clean, comfortable vehicles with an attention to customer service. Most buses offer free Wi-Fi and AC electric outlets. Vamoose Bus has built a reputation for dependable on-time departures and arrival, convenient pick-up and drop-off locations, cost effective travel fares and especially, a safe travel experience. The Vamoose Bus customer call center is staffed from 7 am – 11 pm daily and the Vamoose Bus frequent rider free membership program has no black-out dates.

Check out Vamoose on the web:,,

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